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Hey guys I am new in the game and located in New Jersey. I was looking at a home today that had vaulted ceilings in every single room of the home with no insulation anywhere. There was a small attic crawl space located in the direct center of the home that ran through from one side of the house to the other. My first though was that I have never seen any sheathing like this anywhere around here before. 9 times out of 10 out here roof sheathing is OSB or plywood. This was like a particle board or compressed type of board. Considering I have never seen this before is this normal? Is it ok? Wouldn’t it blow up the second it gets even a little wet? My second question was about insulation. Is it needed with this type of sheathing or even recommended? Should I recommend anything at all? Thanks in advance to the nice people out there :slight_smile:

PS sorry for the sideways picture. It is saved right side up, it is uploaded right side up but then it posts sideways :-/

I don’t have a definitive answer you for.
I’ve seen vaulted ceilings like that in 50’s & 60’s homes.
There were panels installed over the tongue & groove decking.
Or there’s this TECTUM E & TECTUM E-N | Armstrong Building Solutions

That is an insulated roof sheeting product that was usually 4 inches thick and made of pressed wood fibers, can’t remember the name off hand. Was used for commercial buildings and open rafter ceilings like in your picture. I believe it came in 4x8 to 4x16 foot sheets. Standard roof coating was applied on the top. Just consider it to be plywood on steroids.

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Thank you all very much :slight_smile: and thanks Chuck