Exterior sheathing

Again how would you write this up? Really shoddy builder I have been inspecting lately. Various sheathing throughout the exterior as viewed from attic. OSB in some areas, WarmWall insulating sheathing in others. Guess they were running low on the WarmWall insulating sheathing.

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I wouldn’t say anything, the only locations plywood or OSB is required are shear walls.

The thing is Dale that I have inspected other homes by this builder in this addition, and all visible exterior sheathing is the WarmWall insulating sheathing. It seems as if the builder just ran out and decided to fill in with OSB on this house. I just want the buyer to know what they have paid for.


It isn’t doing anything on a gable end as pictured though.

I don’t see a problem with the sheathing on the gables.

What kind of siding was on the house? The nailing for the siding may be a little far apart.

I agree, at the gable it serves only as a backer for the siding…I have seen aluminum siding installed with no backer what-so-ever.

Is this the same house as the gap at the peak of the roof, if so I see a gable end vent…maybe you should access the attic ventilation…does this provide the proper ventilation for this home? To me this would be a bigger concern than the sheathing…but then again I have a thing about roofs and ventilation.

Yes Donald same home as the one with the roof gap, it appeared to have adequate ventilation.

I would point it out as the builder probably doesnt have a clue what the sub did and if it’s a new home there should be plans for it, documents at the building department ETC, not to mention what the bank or mortgage lender thinks.

Vinyl siding warranties are starting to require OSB sheathing now.

Shear walls can be that black stuff if it is labeled Sturdy-Brace.

Also found one builder that said a beam in the rear allowed him to omit some structural sheathing on one corner of each level.