Roof to wall attachment ?

What would you guys call these? There are No nails in the trusses. Both sides look the same.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Looks like a tie down that wraps right around the truss. I guess a nail would possibly keep the tie down from sliding down the slope of the truss if there were uplift but I don’t think these need nails into the truss; just into the walls. I’ll try to find some specs.

Thanks it is for a Florida Wind Mitigation Form.


Thanks. In the graphic it looks like there is supposed to be a few nails thru them into the trusses. Does anyone know what they should be marked on the form?

Other and list what it is would seem to be correct but I have heard anything marked other = crap?

Anyone have any experience with these?

really, no nails? put unknown/other and describe- or toenail

See the picts-no nails that I saw. those are 2 separate ones… It is a 8000sf home on the beach in boca. Talk about going to be pissed.

H16 hanger.jpg

Hanger in the picture looks like a homemade hanger to simulate the conditions of the H16. :slight_smile:

I am almost positive that Simpson does not make clips or tie downs that require holes to be drilled.

I have the whole Contractors Binder Catalogue here and the version in the picture is not manufactured by Simpson Strontie. :slight_smile:

I think you may be right. I was going to write:

[size=5][size=3]H16 wraps with no visible nails see

But now I am not sure. I just may call it other and say see pict.

What a trip, such crap on a 8000sf home on the beach.

I wonder how much more a home made hanger would cost compared to one of the shelf. Some people will spend 10 to save 5.
Even with the H16, the nailing into the truss is not what keeps the truss in place. I don’t live in a hurricane area though. The odd tornado. Tornados don’t care if the is a clip on the truss or not. If there is a clip, they just take the wall as well.:slight_smile:

When was it built and did they have something like this when it was built?

Homeowners said 1995. I could not find it on the property appraisers site because there are 8 homes at the one address and it was not listed.

Bert. $2.56 through Fastening Systems.
Could be generic and they made a buck or .50 cents. :mrgreen:

Tough call Mike. It looks like a very secure connector but according to the form I don’t no if you can risk anything but an other. There is a good chance the underwriter could allow it though.

I don’t think many underwriters go the extra mile. I believe I am going with.

[size=5]Other: wraps with no visible nails see photo

Looks like a Hughes Manuf. product. This strap does not need nails into truss. It does need to be tapconed into side of tie beam. A good strap to use for retro fitting with enough uplift capacity (around 1500#) to meet most design criteria. A Simpsons version H16 has a nail hole that is used for securing the strap until it is tapconed to tie beam. I don’t see a problem with this strap unless it does not have sufficient tapcons into tie beam, that is where the capacity of strap is realized. For comparison — a Simpson HETA 20 strap embedded in concrete has an uplift of around 1890#. Since this strap is unique in that it does not have a nailing pattern to truss, selecting the proper fastening category is a little grey, but I would give credit as a single strap.

Clip or Wrap?

I would give credit as a clip.

I do not feel right saying clip or wrap as per the form because there are no nails in the truss.