Roof to wall

This home was built in 2005. I don’t think I will be doing a wind mitigation inspection for the home, but if I were, what would this be classified as on the 1802 form?

I’ll contact Simpson Tuesday as I seem to remember seeing this strap in their catalog.

clip- does not wrap over the top

I agree with Wayne.

Clip. Is there some defect we are missing Eric?

Must be embedded in the concrete, but definitely has at least 3 nails… Let us know if you find the manufacturer details. The underwriter will be confused also, unless you can show an illustration of how it is connected to the wall.

You know now that I look at it I do not think it is even a clip. It looks like it is attached to the other side of the t=wood with one nail. at first I thought it was coming out of concrete b=nor=e I do not know what the heck it is doing. Maybe keeping wood off of concrete?

Eric what do you think? are we seeing 2 sides one with many nails and one with one?

If it’s not embedded then it has no real purpose. Right?? might as well lay a joist hanger up there and slap some nails in it. I don’t know ,I want to know in case I ever come across this ridiculous looking piece of hardware.

That ia what I am getting at. I did not realize it when I made my first comment :frowning:

Where did Eric go? is he laughing at us?

Probably. :slight_smile:

He does have another family beside us you know :smiley:

If he is like me it may appear he is always here. My desktop computer is always on and always has at least 3 nachi windows open at any given time. Quick refresh when I walk by to piss and I catch up on all the gossip.

I must say I might just be a little addictED for some weird a s s reason. I really do not know why :roll: Loonie I GUESS.

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The strap did go into the concrete. It was a real pain getting the picture, but I wanted to share it with everyone. I am still itchy after a dip in the pool and a bath!!

It has like 20 nails in it and goes into the wall.
According to the form, it would be a clip, but, I suspect the manufacturer may say different.

I’ll let everyone know next week.

Does it matter what the manufacturer says? Not being sarcastic?

Was there only one nail on the other side?

Whas dinner good?

Does it matter what the manufacturer says? Not being sarcastic?

It might. I’ll try and it may help others.

Was there only one nail on the other side?

No nails. That is just a strap with a bunch of the small nails driven into it. None sticking out the other side. Nothing from the other side either.

Whas dinner good?
Yes, Joes Crab Shack
I ate “everything”! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification Eric. That thing is def ugly

I’ve run into those also Eric and just put it down as “clip”… let us know what Simpson says.


That is a USP HLPTA75 embedded truss strap. If you also include this illustration in the report, it will clarify the connection for the underwriter. There is also a nail on the other side of the truss in that small tab.


Attached are the product document and the noa.

So it is still a clip?

I assume since it does not wrap?

Seems like it would be more difficult than a reg arap.

According to the form, a clip.
Perhaps a letter from the manufacturer, and thanks Bradley for the find, with an explanation, it may be something else.

I just want to find out from the manufacturer.

Still a clip as far as the form goes. NO manufacturer’s statement will change that, even though that clip has a greater uplift rating than a common single wrap…can’t move mountains on this one Eric.