Roof truss support ok?

Is this worth a write up?

I’m thinking this was temporary support while the trusses were going up?

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need better pics, cannot tell what’s going on

More pics.

Looks like a broken lateral brace. Possibly broken when walking on it during truss installation.
Note what you see.

Guide to truss handling, installation and repair…

Are you saying those 1x4 boards that cross numerous trusses are actually providing support after the home was finished? Why would you note it if not.

Bracing is specified by the truss roof designer and you won’t know what’s correct unless you have a copy of the truss plans. Lateral bracing like that shown in the photos can be temporary bracing installed for installation purposes that was never removed, or permanent bracing that was never completed.
If both sides are identical (as in a gable roof) permanent bracing is typically installed in the same location on both sides of the peak. Temporary bracing is often installed near the peak on one side only and it’s not unusual for it to be left in place.
It would be unusual for permanent bracing to be installed across only a portion of the trusses (seems to end in one photo).
Describe what you see, mention if you saw any evidence of problems that might relate to this condition, and say that they can have it evaluated by an engineer if they want confirmation that it’s safe.

I was looking at the first picture you posted and it looked to me like the typical lateral bracing that is installed at the time of the roof trusses erection that is broke.
Assumed that in that dark picture it was a 2x4, which is normally used for lateral bracing.
When erecting trusses most of those get used as a ladder rung to stand on and occasionally they get broken.
If your question was something different, I might not have understood.
Also look at Dave Fetty’s link above for further info.

I really appreciate everyone’s input! Very valuable. The report has been submitted with pictures and description noting the possible dual purpose of lateral braces and what could be done. The buyer really had no concern about it. They were more concerned about the bathroom sink cabinets that were full belongings so you could not fully see the condition of the shelving. The plumbing was okay. They wanted to know how easy it would be to fix the shelves. You just never know what’s important to buyers! :grinning:

Current standards require that trusses be designed in accordance with ANSI/TPI 1 and be installed in accordance with BCSI guide (above in post 5). so if you don’t have access to the truss drawings you can reference these. You can get a free download of ANSI/TPI 1 2014 here…