Is this a problem?

I am inclined to think not, but I would like some other opinions. The required lateral bracing is in the forground. The stuff falling down in the background? Temporary bracing from construction?

8 year old solid house. Not a crack in the walls or ceilings, and when I walked the roof it seemed solid.




Those are likely what they used to support the trusses during installation, although using full 2x4 block is rare and a bit of a waste. The usually use the metal straps, or 1x2.

I doubt it is the lateral bracing, because no one in their right mind would rather install dozens of smaller blocks in place of one linear piece.

I agree Dylan. Now, do you think I should ignore it, or report it as general info? The client was not present and I don’t want them to ever stick their heads up there after move in and think the house is falling down!

If in doubt, report it. I would say that it was noted and that it appeared to be related to the original construction.

I wouldn’t say anything, unless they need scrap 2x4 blocks. Temporary use in my opinion, of course this should not deter you from consulting a licensed and competent specialist for further evaluation with remedy as necessary .:wink:

Temporary supports during the truss install. Not an issue.

They are not a concern like others said.

I still put it in the report because if a homeowner pops their head up in the attic they are going to be alarmed and think their house is falling apart. The second reason is if they ever hear a clunk above them at night they wont panic because you told them that they eventually may fall…

Exactly, I would certainly think…!!

Just let them know they are there, and that they are not a problem. They are not heavy enough to damage the drywall if they fell.