Roof Underlayment best practices

I feel like every other roof I inspect has drip edge flashing installed over the top of the underlayment. Last time I checked this was a bad construction practice that may lead to moisture damage at the eaves. I feel like I need to check in with head quarters to make sure I’m still current on this topic. Any reason a roofer SHOULD install the drip edge flashing (not rake flashing) over the top of the underlayment?

Most shingle manufacturers recommend that the drip edge flashing be installed under the underlayment on the eaves and over the underlayment on the rakes.

In the IRC 2012 and 2015 , R905.2.8.5 it is spelled out how drip edge is to be installed. Roofers do it wrong to hold the underpayment down. I pointed this out to a roofer that has been roofing for 30 plus years and his response was I have always done it that way and if I don’t like it I can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Just write it up and move on.

Thanks guys! sometimes when I see the same defect over and over and over I start to wonder if maybe im the one who is wrong. Thanks for the feedback!