drip edge eave installation

The builder installed the drip edge over the black roofing paper, instead of under it for the eaves. They are fixing it by using flashing tape across the drip edge to the paper to seal it. Is this acceptable?

San Antonio, TX

No it’s not. The paper is still under the drip edge flashing, correct?

Well let’s make sure your terminology is correct. Many people will call everything at the edge of the roof the “drip edge”.

Are you talking about the bottom of the slope where the rain enters the gutter, or at the gable ends from the peak down to the gutter?


Great illustration.

It’s wrong, but they will likely do more harm than good by trying to fix it.

Not great but better than leaving it like it is.

In Florida, we always put the drip edge over the felt, then a 3" strip of tar, then the starter shingle.