Ridge Vent Only?

I inspected a seven-year-old home today that had ridge ventilation only. I seen no repercussions because of this, would this be considered a defect?

If so, how should I advise my client… soffit ventilation needed?

Minimal ventilation was provided to the attic area. This may not be sufficient to move air through the attic properly. Recommend installing additional vents.


Two points of venting are recommended. In the words of my building science teacher many years ago, “you can only suck what you can blow’”.


I bet that went over good in class…LOL!


The instructor was was just like Rodney Dangerfield.


Must have intake and outtake.

As others said you must have Both intake and exhaust to provide sufficient attic ventilation.


I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I always call out three points of venting. Gable, soffit and ridge can create negative pressures and I’ve seen massive snow drifts in attics because of it.

Same here, except we don’t get much snow, but causes mold to grow on the sheathing.

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I see this often in older houses without soffit vents and the roofer installs a full ridge vent. This substantially increases the “stack event” by pulling the air from the conditioned air of the building.
In this new house, the building inspector screwed up by not requiring soffit vents!

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