A 2001 house, several on the street looked the same. Would you call it out? What would you call it? It looks like too mucg shingle is exposed.



Haven’t you seen ‘Zebra’ shingles before? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I especially like the ramped vent) :twisted:

And is it just me, or is there a flashing issue at the wall transition?

Flashing issue? Here is a better angle.


appear be totally appropriate shadow ridge cap from Certainteed

scroll down

there are many FREE product installation and identification courses available on many materials

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designed to be used with laminated shingles…nothing structurally wrong, but would be much more cosmetically pleasing on a dimensional roof…

Thanks guys that is what I was looking for.

Well I don’t understand.

The ridge cap shingles are offset to the right, probably to make up for the way the exposures worked out on each side. That didn’t look like a problem to me. Can anyone cite one? IRC? Manufacturer?

But that ventilator-looking thing on the right had a crack in it which will leak. I don’t know what that thing is, but I’d call out the crack for repair to avoid moisture intrusion.

Ridge and hip cap shingles also show excessive amounts of adhisive strip exposed, meaning they will fail to adhere to each other adequately. If they are in a high-wind area, they will blow off. Defective installation- call it or be wrong.

Guys, I must be crazy. I see no problems where you see them and you see none where I see them.

No step flashing. It’s wrong.

Barry, please… please… don’t make me click that link and go to that website and try to find my way through it and go down all those wrong trails and finally… if I’m persistant and lucky and care enough about what you’re trying to tell me… find what you’re trying to tell me. Can’t you just state outright what your poblem is with this?


Barry - I thank you for taking the time out to send the link. I find it helpful to be sent to the page and maybe have to scroll for a minute or two, so many times I have learned other things along the way. Too bad other cannot spend a minute or two in looking for infomation and want everything specifically spelled out. This is a message board I thought. People complaining of other help is what stops people helping. I remember when the Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Ray used to help ALOT…they took their personal time from their lives to help another the best they could with the payment of NOTHING in return and they get blasted. No wonder why the posts and advice are down.


That is not a crack, it is tar. As far as the flashing goes, it is probably there and goes under the shingles. Very common.


the correct info provided and directions to locate were so easy my monkey could find them, try again bro’ :twisted: