roofing age ?

How can you tell how old roofing material is ?

Without definitively knowing certain facts, you can’t. It’s all a WAG!

Well… I guess there is always “carbon dating”! :wink:

I ve seen reports where the inspector will say that the age of said roof is 10-12yrs ? I dont see how they come to that ?

Wild Arse Guess

Better take the InterNACHI roofing courses.

It’s not possible. Like Jeffery states people guess. I never state how old a roof is only it’s current condition. When ask how long will the roof last I always state ask mother nature. She will be the determining factor.

Clients always want to know, “How old is the roof?” and I’m always very upfront with them. Without a receipt from the roofer we can’t determine age. Depends on the shingle they ordered. 3 tab shingles usually are 15-20 years when installed. Arch. shingles 25 years and up.

From there the WAG involves looking at staining, moss/lichen growth, curling, cracking, granulation loss. But it’s just a WAG anyway you look at it! Just be honest with the client and they’ll be ok.

Well Billy I understand what your saying but remember your still a amateur:p;-)

I always state the age of the roof on all reports within 5 years. Never missed. I also state the life left of the roof. Never missed. I also do not walk on roofs. Never fallen. I get calls often from insurance companies and clients to give them second opinions on roof estimates and repairs requested from roofing companies. Most are false. Corruption and payments under the table abound in all industries, especially roofing companies.

I think a seasoned carpenter/ roofer and inspector can look at shingles and make an educated guess as to beginning/ middle/ end of useful life cycle. Add in a comment that most dimensional shingles are 30 yr, and most 3 tab are 20 or 25 yrs. I know there are exceptions but think its fairly accurate as an opinion, which is why are hired, isnt it ?

In MN, one is LUCKY if they get** half life** of the stated warranty that modern shingles claim.

maybe so but you can still stay if its half way through its useful life, right?

Monday we had a severe storm with golf ball sized hail. A few weeks ago we had tornado warnings. These are common in my area. No way in hell will I even WAG the life of a roof. Just ain’t gonna happen!


How does a tornado warning have anything to do with the life of shingles we have warnings in this State warings about twice a month I have never seen tornado warning damage is that a Yankee thing. Most clients with brains larger then a Pea understand that hail the size of golf balls pretty much ends the life of shingles they most generally just call the insurance agent;-)

You can’t be that frucking stooped! Now you are just being a dick. You know damned well that “warnings” come with conditions (such as high winds) that are the concern, not necessarily a tornado itself. I’m not talking about a “watch” where weather conditions ‘may’ produce severe weather.

And yes, by all means call the insurance agent, when the damage is discovered, IF it’s discovered before ownership of the home changes. Waiting for escrow to close, the home sits vacant, you live xx miles away, a large hail storm hits and damages the roof. You are unaware of this storm. You move in, the roof leaks. Fruckin inspector screwed up! He said the roof was good for 10 more years!!!

I hope you are training your son better than you are exhibiting on this N
MB. :neutral:

I dont say anything is good for a specific time. Shingle appear to be in middle of life span and are likely 20 yr shingles as most 3 tab are.

If you worry abouot getting sued because a tonado throws a house in the ocean, and it would be your fault, I dont know how you could ever sleep at night

I don’t worry about getting sued… ever!

I inform of the condition it is in TODAY. I will not speculate beyond that.

I like playing the Dick especially when its called returning the favor. Ya know Internachi SOP allows for people that have less than desirable education and are unable to determine the life of shingles they simply say its not required but some of us like to exceed the SOP its what makes the phone ring instead of hanging out on the MB. I still would like you to explain what kind of damage is called **Tornado warning damage **on shingles I must of been sleeping when the instructor was describing that???

It depend on the material itself .
Shingles are usually easier to date than slate or tile.
Asphalt has oils in it and they dry out over time causing them to be brittle.
Degranulation of shingles is another tattle tale , but improper attic ventilation can cause this as well as aging
Metal type roofing is another story. If it has the newer type screws it maybe 30 years old , but if you see the ones with lead head nails it is usually over 50 years old.
However, It is just an educated guess at the minimum.

I have tested myself with shingles and metal by noting the deficiencies or type of material then checking myself with the permit .
I’m usually close within my 5 year buffer zone.

Every 4 Point here in Florida ask how old and life expectancy. “Approx” is a abbreviation I use readily.