Guess The Roof Shingle Age

In the past, some made comments that they could guess the roof shingle age to within five years +/-, Well, here is one for you I was working on today.

How old would this one be?


15 plus
I just usually mention on something like that to replace but otherwise might mention in thirds of life span.
Looks like it was an easy climb at least.
What is that a manufactured home?

Bob, you scared the hell out of me with that Avatar:mrgreen:

Nope, stick built. Got to inspect the attic tomorrow to see if I need to add ridge venting or advise on insulation and the regular stuff we normally do.
Do that for the client while I am working there. :slight_smile:

I see so many older places without venting and no issues that I feel like a deal breaker telling them to spend money on adding vents .
Lets see now…insulation and no moisture barrier and wood looks fine after 50 years so dig it all up and add some.:slight_smile:

15-18 years
Standard weight asphalt 3 tab
with tree cover
No curl visible from photos on the tab…
shingles shaded and stay wet

I agree Bob, and I will take more pictures of this one on the venting that is existing and the attic tomorrow.

Good point, there are a lot of variables that affect the age and condition of roof shingles. The scientific data is not always correct in factual existing conditions. It is correct in theory. :slight_smile:

My guess is 25 years

Trees are 50’ away in two directions and 100’ away in another Joe. Good guess though.:slight_smile:

Good guess Shawn. :slight_smile:

No one within 5 years yet.:slight_smile:

without shade of trees
aggregate loss
cause exposure over time
felt exposed retaining water
moss growth
25-30 plus
like my own roof

Nice Joe and you are getting hotter. :):wink:

Is the roof original or 2nd layer?

Color of and size of siding
35 - 40 years
i was assuming second roof
do not tell me it’s original

You’re good Joe. Recognize the color-lok siding by masonite did you?
Let us see who can guess the age.:):wink:

Joe, my point is to try to show that some of these guys that claim to be able to guess the age of a shingle roof within 5 years, are full of poo poo.
You can not tell how old a shingle roof is due to all the variable circumstances that affect it and none are affected in the same way. :slight_smile:

Colorlok siding
started around 1955
this shingle is over 50 years?

I say 40, looking at the throats.

Peter, you know to much, so you are disqualified. ;):mrgreen::twisted:

I believe you are correct Joe, but that was the regular masonite siding, that came in 12" and 8" siding pre-primed and face nailed.
Built my duplex back in 1973 and the color-lok, same stuff, had a plastic 45 degree plastic drip in the back that would lock on the top of the previous layer and no face nailing was require. Was also pre-painted.
Mine lasted two years, faded and the bottom of the sheets were staining.

Got all my money back for the material but had to turn around and paint the dam house.

Story of the color lok siding. :slight_smile:

easy… 5 years past it’s life. :slight_smile:

Asphalt shingles don’t last long here, so a ± 5 year guesstimate is mostly correct.

My parents live an a 1940’s house in California that still has the Original roofing material on the Garage, and still in great shape…