Roofing material ?

Does anyone know what this material is? I do not have great pictures of the roof. The material is about 1/8 thick, and layed down with hot tar. This did not look like your normal builtup roofing material. more like a card board type material. It also had a lot of fiberglass hairs showing.





Firestone has some great advanced ed for free in Indy and Las Vegas

my wag from pix…cheap polyester-reinforced modified bitumen cap sheet
once the scrim is visible it’s pretty much shot consult roofer for estimates

New to me???

Thanks for the reply’s! I have inspected a lot of roofs, and have never come across this material. There were enough things wrong with the roof to call out a roofing contractor anyways.

This is a product that was installed on Garage roofs here. It has a fiberglass matt and is waterproof. It is like looking at a new shingle with no granules and last as long as shingles with no granules.
I will try to find the picture and post mine for you to see.

Thanks Mr. Adair.
I thought it was modified bitumen
I could not tell from the photo.
I worked with the product in the early 1980’s for large commercial installer.