Safety roof shoes


So i just got my new shoes today & they are very comfortable to ware now i just need to see how they are on a Inspection & roofs . I will let you all know soon

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What type or brand are they. I’ve worn Tony Lama or Lucchese western boots for over 30 years and although I love them, their leather soles make walking roofs slippery. So 5 yrs ago I finally realized I had to give it up

Dan - I would have to call you insane for wearing boots on a roof, unless it is super low slope. I respect your experience, but hell no!
I have always had great luck with Keens - They have never failed me and feel pretty solid on an 8/12 roof. Anything above that gets the drone usually.

If we don’t hear from you again - we’ll assume you chose poorly. :flushed:


The shoes are great no slipping and they are light weight , But that my opinion and the name of the shoes GUYISA & it comes with a bag to just do Inspections .