Room Lighting

I inspected a home today, that did not have any ceiling light fixtures, this seemed odd, anything wrong with it? All the outlets were controlled by a switch at the doorway.


Many new homes here are wired for lights, but have no fixtures installed. I mention it in my reports.

It’s common in new construction to not have light fixtures.

Are you sure that all receptacles were switched? There are requirements for receptalces in addition to the lighting receptacle.

according to IRC, habitable rooms don’t have to have ceiling mounted fixtures. BUT… there does have to be at least one receptacle that is controlled be a wall switch.

None in the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, laundry room or stairs?

Larry, just in the bedrooms, family, living and dining rooms.


Ok…It is required that At Least one wall switch-controlled lightning outlet SHALL BE installed in EVERY habitable room and bathroom of a dwelling unit.

The exception that is important here is OTHER than Kitchens and Bathrooms a receptacle controlled by a wall switch can be used instead of a lighting outlet. (* excluding Hallways, Stairways, Attached Garages, Equipment Spaces and Storage Spaces and Outside Lights )

Thus meaning…YOU better have a normal lighting outlet in the Bathroom and Kitchen…:slight_smile:

Also just to clarify…other areas you MUST have a lighting outlet is Hallways, Stairways, attached garages and outdoor entrances.

Also…storage and equipment spaces…

Note : nothing in the “CODE” says where the switch has to be located in the room…However most electricans understand convience…

P.S…Also if a Detached Garage has power to it…it also must have a lighting outlet ( not a switched receptacle )