Bedrooms - no wall switch but a light

Just curious about others opinion.

98 YO house. all three bedrooms had a sconce light installed near the entrance into the room with a switch attached to the fixture.

Okay or should there be a wall switch?

common with that age me thinks…prolly some old wiring though…


Probably didn’t have electricity when it was built in 1923. So anything its got is an upgrade.


Thanks for the replies.

It did have active K&T.

I didn’t write up the lack of wall switches because the fixtures were so close to the door, but was curious of others thoughts on the issue.

Code requires a light switch in every room. Doesn’t instruct to where it is. The lighting unit pictured may be acceptable to code if the control to luminate is attached to it.

Habitable Rooms: At least one wall switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be
installed in every habitable room and bathroom.

Prior to the 2020 NEC a light switch was required for a habitable room, bathroom, kitchens, and other locations but the switch was not required to be in the room or even near the room.

The 2020 added some nice ambiguous wording to say that it needs to be “near an entrance to
the room on a wall”. They also removed the term wall-switch and changed it to “a listed wall-mounted control device”.


To add to Roberts comments, notice it said switch controlled outlet, not switch.

This is what it may look like in the wall, you can see the old knob and tube in a wood chase,

Alexa, turn the lights on!

:grinning: Or, Alexa, turn the neighbors lights on.

That’s correct, prior to the 2020 NEC the switch was not required to be in the room. The pre-2020 requirement was for a lighting outlet that is switch controlled to be installed in specific locations but gave no guidance as to where the switch needed to be located.

I would recommend a pull chain light guard.