Rotating photos inside of NACHI Forum

Can anybody tell me how to rotate my photos that I post in inspector Forum?
When I place them as attachments they are upright but when they are uploaded they seem to always go sideways.

Never had that ever happen after thousands uploaded even once.
Try a different device and see what happens.

Michael, are you on a Mac?

Anyway, rotate the PIC upright on your computer, save the PIC using a different file name (that’s the important part), then upload the saved PIC.

I heard that has happened to some uploading pics from an I-Phone…

I never had it happen either but never done it from a phone.

Hey Nick,

I think I mentioned this once before but am not sure if you saw it. Could you set something up like facebook, mesgs and instagram have that when we take a picture with our phones when we bring up options like share that could let us share it to a forum like face book does we pick the forum and write something about it. I think that would get a ton of more pictures up because it would be as easy as taking a pict and sending it to a friend or posting it to facebook or the likes.