Photo orientation wrong and cant change

So numerous times I have tried to post a picture here on the forum or today tried to upload a photo for a new CMI badge and each time they come out 90 degrees out of their orientation. The photos look fine on my computer when I select them and I do not have issues on other sites or forums. Can someone help me out and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Let me guess, these are pics you took with your phone or tablet? I would say the ‘orientation’ of your device when the pic was taken is the problem. As a test, take a couple pictures holding your phone in different positions and see which ones don’t post properly!

I use a ‘real’ camera and have never had any orientation issue while posting on any MB or website.

Jeffrey, I use both mobile devices and “REAL” cameras. The last picture I was trying to post was taken by a professional photographer with a “REAL” camera. same issue.

Chuck, Thanks for the link. I am going t try that. I hope you are doing well i Houston. Our thoughts and prayers are with all you folks in TX.