Roy Cooke

I like that.

Amen :slight_smile:

LOL…I needed that.:mrgreen:

I can say that I don’t miss the old fart and his cronies!

The message board is a lot more respectable since their expulsion/boycotts…

Roy is a nice man and too bad some can’t see it.

I Googled nice man and Roy Cooke came up first!:slight_smile:

I just Googled nice man and that old fart Roy Cooke was nowhere to be seen…

Oh now Marcel there is nothing wrong with being a member of the old fart club you will be eligible one day. :p;-)

That is correct Charley.

I was a Union Journeyman Carpenter in Florida at 19. I learned from some of the Best old Farts by watching and shutting the F ck up.
Hell, they must of been at least 45 years old.

So I guess Marcel Gratton might already be an old fart. :mrgreen::wink:

45…imagine that old and they were still working ? …amazing…

Although Roy & I had our disagreements, we had many things we did agree on & I hate to see him, or any others, not posting (boycotting) here anymore.

It takes all types to make this MB what it is and the more participation & different views that are posted, IMO - the better. (With the exception of a particular Vendor who is no longer allowed to post here) :mrgreen: