Please join me in welcoming back my dear friend Roy Cooke.

Welcome home Roy!

Welcome back Roy.

Before you get bombarded with hostilities from others, what are the “terms and conditions”? Just askin.

Welome back to the Family Roy, awful nice to see you back here. :):smiley:

Bout time .
Just saw you over on Inspector News the other day.

Welcome back Roy. Did you bring any friends with you?:mrgreen:

Welcome back, Roy!

Welcome Back Roy!!! We’ve missed you!

Welcome Back Roy!

Roy, just in time to help us in the Committee for the Christmas Season, don’t forget to request in. :):smiley:

welcome back Roy…

Roy’s a great resource, and was a big help to me starting out a few years ago.
Welcome back Roy.

Glad to hear your back Roy. You’ve been a great help to many of us in the past.


See how much fun you’ve been missing :wink:

This is a ****ing joke right?

He’s back as a rep for Home Guage!!:p:p:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’m afraid not Mario.
Now why don’t you just do like the others and welcome him back to the Inachi Family here with the rest of us?

Be Happy:):p:D

Welcome Roy…are we havin’ fun yet, eh? :slight_smile:

Is Wendy coming back?? What ever happened to the NACHI Cookbook she was authoring??

Technical difficulties with Roy at the moment to get access.

Stay tuned;:mrgreen::wink: Hey, maybe I could get a job at the local TV station. :mrgreen: