Rubber trap?

Is this rubber material ok for this application.

Copy of P8050093.JPG

Yes it is ok

It’s a listed Fernco fitting, but I don’t like them, and I don’t have a problem recommending that they be replaced.

Why Jeff?

This is smooth wall and as rubber , its probily impervious to chemicals.

I see these used often when the alignment is such, that a flexible piece is needed. Rather than correcting the drain-lines so that they line-up, they just “tweak” these little rubber traps into place, which deforms their dimensions and creates blockages.

Even the one in Gary’s picture is not aligned well.

Also, even when installed “properly,” they have a tendency to become obstructed when the cabinet is filled with “stuff” and that pesky trap is just in the way.

I don’t know why anyone would “list” a drain trap that can be so easily deformed/distorted/collapsed/etc…

Personaly , I would call it only if deformed.
Not a big deal , but I see your point.

I am totally with jeff on this one. I always recommend replacement as I dont consider them to permanent. Would you install rubber waste piping anywhere else?

Had one on Monday.

These are like the flexible plastic ones.

This one was leaking above.

In my opinion they are garbage and usually installed by Mr. Home unhandyman.

I think the proper name for this thread would be Rubber Crap

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