S trap and flexible piping

I thought I read a post a couple of years ago that this flexible piping was not acceptable. I don’t see anything in the residential code that says it cannot be used. It looks like the modification turned this into a s trap. Any plumbers out there?



You can buy it at any hardware store. I don’t know about a code per se, but I always recommend replacement of this stuff. It is ridged and would seem to me that this would cause more clogs than normal. Have not had anyone doubt me or question that recommendation. Now I don’t know if all were replaced, but that’s another thread.

I always recommend replacement. As far as I can tell and find out, this stuff is okay for a temporary fix until a more permanent fix can be accomplished. One thing I noticed on this particular set up, the garbage disposal is connected directly into the drain without the benefit of being “trapped” thus allowing sewer gases to enter the home via the disposal. The sink side has the trap on it while the disposal side does not. And then on top of all that, it looks like ****.

Not allowed
Drains must have smooth interiors.


Type of Traps. Traps shall have a uniform and smooth interior, and shall have no partitions or movable parts. The trap seal shall be non-adjustable. (See Appendix D: Illustration C.)

Do you quote code Bob?

Thanks to all, good call Doug, he completed bypassed the trap from the disposal drain.

Only on the message board.
Code is what we base our decisions on.

What do you go with?
Please share.

Pretty much exactly what Doug did.

I explain to clients that just because you can buy it in the big box store it doesn’t make it right.

I then explain that they are not a long term solution and will likely be a problem at some point in the future.

OK we can play that way ,and I will raise you by giving the reasoning behind your bedtime story.

Reason is the corrugation can trap grease and clog it up easier.

I might also add that if the trap partition is done that way it is even worse as you can lose your trap seal ,if formed freehand.

Mike I will let you finish with the amount of water needed in the partition.


I always recommend replacement.