Rubber tubing for in-floor heating

I inspected a house today with in-floor heating. The heating tubes are narrow diameter rubber / EPDM material that I have not seen previously, and there were no markings visible. The system was installed in 1987 and the tubing appears to be in good condition where visible at the copper manifolds. My client wants to know the expected lifespan of this tubing. The water is softened and the system operates at warm temperature / low pressure as designed. Any info or advice regarding rubber in-floor heating tubing would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

At least 30 years. :wink:


Mikes’s response is correct…30 years… really who knows. I inspect systems that are new and near the 30 year mark and still functioning fine.

Do you have a statement in your report that indicates you can’t see nor inspect the radiant infloor system that is not visible?

FYI - that is an amateur installation with no tubing bend supports and a gaping hole in the floor that the tubing is run through. In addition I don’t see balancing valves for each loop. Those might be on the supply loop and your picture may be of the return side.

Check out Watts Onix tubing as it looks similar to your picture and Uponor/Wirsbo has lots of information available.

Boilers operate at the 12 to 18 PSI range so there isn’t a low pressure system for hydronic heating except for outdoor wood boilers, which are open to atmosphere.
Low temp is typical for in floor radiant systems.

Long response here but I have some experience with hydronic heating systems/in floor radiant and see so many improperly designed, poorly piped/pumped.