Rule of sixes

Continuous supervision does not necessarily mean that it is being observed at all times. I disagree with their interpretation, but I don’t have to deal with it either .

Obviously, I hope. However, I believe that continuous supervision means that there is someone qualified available on extremely short notice, and the door guard doesn’t cut it in that respect.

That’s why we have the AHJ, and that’s why I defer to him and the people he has dominion over, such as licensed electricians.

Especially in a state like California where real estate is rather expensive, there are 37 million people, and we have both huge cities and huge rural areas, I believe it is important to know what’s going on in the court system relative to my profession, and I pay my real estate attorneys very well to keep me informed of anything that can affect my business and therein my livelihood.

It’s been five years since my E&O insurance last went up, virtually unheard of in the insurance world. I firmly believe that the reason for that is because I’m in quarterly contact at a minimum with my representative to let him know what I’m doing to reduce my liability in this extraordinarily litigious state and, guilty by association, reducing their liability. Part of my work there is to know what the generally accepted and prevailing standards are, especially if they might be different from other states, or even different within areas of the ten counties I work in.

Isn’t that section {225.35} for the disconnecting means to a building or structure not an apartment panel?

Yes it is, but some think that since the condo occupants do not have access to a locked meter room that the panel main is required.

Exactly. Seems like common sense to me.

In Chicago access can be through a onsite person such as maintenance or management .

A reasonable approach. IMO keeping the door locked is enough supervision. It does not say that the key holder needs to be qualified to perform the work. They are there to keep untrained people out by limiting access.

Just to add more fuel to the fire … so to speak. In my holler the disconnect on the exterior is a fire marshal requirement. Add one more AHJ to the mix.