Russ SEO experiment

Ok, less than 2 days after posting my information here. I just checked Google. Does it work? Here is the first page information.


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  1. Home Inspections](

Columbus Ohio,surrounding areas
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  1. Home Inspection](

Professional Home Inspections.
We Serve Central Ohio. Call today.
www.allaboutinspections.netColumbus, OH

  1. FrontDoor Home Inspection

Professional home inspection
services in Columbus, OH.

  1. Columbus Home Inspection](

Find prescreened home inspectors
in Columbus Ohio instantly.

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  1. Local business results for home inspection near Columbus, OH

]( A. Quality Home Inspections

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Home inspectors and home inspection companies in Columbus, Ohio. - 9k - Cached - Similar pages -

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BeSure Home Inspection Srvice www. A home is probably the most expensive purchase you will - 60k - 18 hours ago - Cached - Similar pages -

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Home and commercial property inspections by Criterium Liszkay Engineers providing engineering inspection services for commercial and residential properties. - 13k - Cached - Similar pages -

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Home and building inspection in columbus Ohio. Features: Columbus Ohio home inspection, Columbus Ohio building inspection, commercial building - 9k - Cached - Similar pages -

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I am a Master Home Inspector serving Lancaster, Logan, Circleville, Carroll, Buckeye Lake, Millersport, Granville, Athens and Columbus Ohio. - 25k - Cached - Similar pages -

Doesn’t look like it or am I missing it?

The posting is listed on the first page, #5 on the unpaid links. Just getting on the first page it self is a plus either way you look at it.

Perhaps Chris can create a forum, visible to all, that only members can post in for just such listings.

Holy cow it did work. I missed it earlier. So does Columbus Ohio Home Inspector your number 4 on my Google. I’m off to try mine now. How long has one stayed on page 1 using this method?

Send the link to what you originally posted if you don’t mind.

Just clicked on #5 :wink:

Yeah I’d be interested to see how long it stays on the first page since it’s a dynamic content site. Let us know Mark. Google likes new content, just not sure for how long. Get going on the link exchanges with your site will help out and help it stay as well.

WTG, Mark!
How’s your back these days, my friend?

Mark, I’m missing what you did, can you explain please? Thanks

His NACHI forum post is coming up in the search results.

Choose your words wisely, here. :mrgreen:

hummm…Should we all start loading full pages on the NACHI forum… complain about the vendors imagine this site full of inspectors pages of keywords what a mess it would be.

This Illinois Licensed Home Inspector agrees, CBC Home Inspectionsproviding home inspections in the Greater St.Louis Area. :smiley:

The idea is not to drag this thread on, but to make a post on a thread (see mine under Ancillary Services) and let it die to be scanned by the spiders . . .

I’ve placed mine HERE

Sorry I do get it what are you doing??? and is your company coming up on the 1st page under a GENERAL SEARCH FOR Home Inspectors in your area OR is your search word your company name?

you can reply here or to


That looks GREAT, Will!

Others may be able to give more / better detail . . .