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Hello Group,
Can somebody recommend honest SEO people, who has proven record?
Because there is so many crooks around. Please do not deal with TownSquare Interactive, that’s a scam.
Yury Slutsky, #RussianHomeInspector
MSP Inspections LLC

I know there are some favorites of members here, and you will likely get those posts. I personally haven’t used them, so no recommendations from me (although I know I need their services also).

Is your website ‘Live’ yet? What is the address?

Here’s one of our members. Everyone is thrilled with his work for a very long time.

Ian M. Robertson, CMI

Full View Home Inspection Websites
Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Software
Spec-Pro Home Inspections


Thanks Marc!


Try Market Hardware Market Hardware

What a co-inky-dink!!

Since I posted this comment yesterday, I have received no less than a half dozen offers from internet scammers trying to sell me their BS services. That is up from my usual one or two per day.


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Type in “SEO for Home Inspectors” on Google. Pick a company that shows up in the top 5 or 6 results (after the paid ads). If an SEO company can’t get themselves on the first page, how could they possibly get you there?

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SEO is a dirty business. Many (most?) getting quick results do it with sleazy methods and you’ll quickly lose any gains you made once the Google gods catch up with you (after you’ve paid, of course). The other side is to just pay through the nose for ads directly to Google. Is any of this going to make your phone ring? I can’t answer since I’ve never gone too far down either road. My only advice would be that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. If making your phone ring were as easy as giving some tech nerd or Google a couple bucks, someone else would have already done it.

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Just remember this simple thing…

There are (supposedly) 35,000 Inspectors in the U.S.
Assume that only 18,000 have websites,
And of those, only 3,000 have some form of decent SEO going on.


10 (or is it now 7?, I forget)..

Do the math!!

I know things are different in different parts of the country. But around here most home buyers hire a consultant (aka realtor) that they rely heavily on for recommendations.
I’ve tried a number of seo companies all with the same result. Nada!
My time and money has always been better spent visiting real estate offices.

I used them for my website and Ian was very helpful with several other things. What a great place to deal with. I would highly recommend.

That would be full view home inspection websites. They are great. On my first post I didn’t mention the name. Ian is great to work with

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Thank you @jgilbert10 !