Rust Evaporator Coil

I had an evaporator coil on a Lennox unit that has what appears to be normal rusting. My concern is this house was built in 2010, this is a replacement coil that was manufactured in 2014 and this coil is already rusting. All condensate drains appear to be function properly and no condensate was noted inside unit. The unit is installed in a conditioned attic space. I did report on the rust and a couple of HVAC contractors have looked at it and did not have much of a concern on it, but the agent and client are still concered about it. My question would be would this rusting concern any of you or has anyone seen this type issue.

How many times do you need to be told, No. ?

The actual coils are made from ferrous metals](

Well since this is the first time I’ve ask I guess once. So this actual coil is not copper or maybe aluminum?

Copper and aluminum do not rust. Steel rusts.

So wouldn’t that make it NON-Ferrous Metal?

They all look alike after the first year, seen a million just like yours. Your over thinking;-)

Thanks Charley.