Is this a reportable item?

Slight corrosion observed near the bottom of the Nordyne air handler in a manufactured home. Would you recommend evaluation by a HVAC contractor. Appears to be have wicked up from the condensate pan.



That’s the condensate drain pan. In the summer there is water in it.

That is no where bad enough to be an issue.

Thank you David, that was my thinking but I do not see enough of these as it’s been slow these past 2 years. This was also one of the cleaner units that I’ve seen.

This one was in a Geothermal unit I did a few months back and it was seeping / leakingdown into the flooring underneath. Luckily it was located in a large utility room off the garage so no permanent damage was done (stained the concrete floor). This one had to be replaced (and special ordered) costing much more than your average or typical drain pan.

3436 Edinburgh Dr 011.JPG

I’d consider the rust on that evaporator coil to be pretty typical and having no negative impact.