Rusted Roof Fasteners & Service Mast Flashing

The fasteners used on this ridge vent are very rusted. Not sure they’re allowable, but in my opinion they will fail in the next few years. Also the flashing of the electric service mast looks improper. My feeling is the rubber boot should not be exposed to the UV like it is. Posting this for any feedback you guys may have - thanks in advance:)

Looks like the Boot Flashing is missing the Metal portion, and ring-shank hot dipped Gal. Nails should have been utilized.

I wouldn’t make it sound like the end of the world, simple 30 min. repair.

I call this out all the time. A lot of builders say it’s not an issue, but it can and will lead to a future leak.
“exposed nail heads were observed on the roof surface; all exposed nail heads need to be sealed to prevent moisture intrusion or leaking”.

Those look like three tab shingles . If they are the whole roof job looks like an amateur mess . If you would notice the tab alignment . I say It don’t look acceptable and should be looked at by a qualified roofing contractor . :D:D:D

Thanks for the input guys.