Metal roof

I ran into this one the other day. My initial reaction was that it just didn’t look right, Then after some research, I told the buyers they needed to get a good metal roofer to look at the Ridge to Valley joints and the chimney flashing.

If there any of you out there that have dealt with metal roofs a lot, can you take a look at the pictures and tell me what is going on here. The owners said they had the roof done only about 2 years prior.

first pic is at the end of the ridge to valley
Second & third pics are the chimney flashing
Fourth is the end of the ridge vent
fifth is a longer shot of the ridge to valley



OK, so am I ignorant enough that this is obvious, or should I be worried that you guys really don’t like us hillbillies in East Tennessee?

No ! many of my family is from Soddy Daisy !
It is a darn sure an ugly job.
In your report recommend that the roofing is in need of sealing as part of general maintenance.

Yes, caulk dependent. Around the chimney, flashing should be on top of the metal roofing on the bottom and sides, at least in my experience with pro-panel. In the first picture, it was hard to be sure which way was up. Depending on that, it could be very wrong! Maybe you could recommend evaluation by a qualified roofing contractor.