Rusty Pipes?

I’m sure this has been discussed already but I couldn’t find the answer. I inspected a 107 year old house today. Most of the iron supply pipe has been replaced with copper. When I turned on some of the faucets, rusty colored water flowed out for a few seconds. The house has been vacant for a few weeks. What should I say about this?

Is the home on a well if so then I expect it is what I have heard called Iron Bacteria . Run water for a few minutes and it should be OK .
If it is on town water then I expect there could be some steel pipes some where or the glass in the tank has broke down . .
Roy Cooke

It’s on city water.

Municipalities flush their hydrants and you can get rusty water as a result. Just open all the faucets and let the rusty water run out.

May still have galvanized service line or galvanized pipe in wall.