S. FL Home Inspection biz for sale. Seller wishes to remain anonymous.

So email me (Nick) at fastreply@nachi.org and I’ll forward to the seller.

South East or South West?

Annomouse…Mike! :slight_smile:

Yep… good guess …Mike

Thats an awful lot of $65 wind mits. :lol:

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One of the reasons I started my company instead of purchasing an existing company. Someone told me long ago, the client isn’t paying you for the service, the client is is paying for the service **you **provide, and the way you provide it.
For $150K, it had better have a big mobile office, two hot tubs and a master suite! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I cannot show exact figures on what has been made just doing inspections. During the construction days before the crash I remember my best year I had to pay around $250,000 for my taxes of that year. That was one S h i t t y call to get from the accountant at 7:30am. I responded “Two Hundred What on What” remember I just woke up and was still groggy. My wife says she remembers the look on my face to this day.
I would be interested if someone wanted to buy Meeker Industries at that price. The deal would have to go real quick and would not include any of the Scaffold or construction equipment i have on the East and West Coast. That is also available but we would have to inspect it together to find a fair price.

I would have to agree that two months is not long enough.

South east or south west?

Is this a single inspector company and are there other employees?

Ronald I don’t think one question has been answered yet :frowning:

The first question to ask is, why sell a going concern? Absentee ownership works albeit gross and net would be less but ongoing.

Waqar my help.
Listen to what he has to say.

I would like information please.

Brenton Mongan



good advice :slight_smile: