Ok, I am at the point where I need to change gears. I am up to all the Wind Mits I can do per day (5 ave.) along with 2 or 3 HI’s a week. I need help to work on/fill out the reports ( wind mits only). I tested Craigslist and offered 10.oo per report, I can do 2 and into a 3rd in an hour, and now 4 days of the posting I have received almost 100 replies, tough out there still for many. My Wife helps but she is 3rd yr Nursing student and full time employed. I know many of you have been at this point, where what and how is the best next steps for me to move forward? My eyes feel like their bleeding when I stop for the day!! …
Any good advise ???

  1. You should be able to do your wind mits completed and sent on site with a Tablet, granted a little research on the web first prior to going. John can get you the writable PDF. So look into that
  2. Same with your home inspections at least have 95% completed on site with a software HIP3 is great with new mobile version out, will take a learning curve for a little bit but worth the effort. (HIP3 has a B1 1802 form too)
  3. I know you are in my area and please don’t take this as any more than fact but-------Don’t know what your charging for wind mits, but if your doing stand alone for any less than 125 your crazy and at the end of the year you will find your losing your rear end. This coming from a guiy whos been doing them since 2007;-)

Bottom line invest in technology will be a better investment than hiring a kid to type and make you look more professional. That is if your business plan is to stay small and not have employees.

Good Luck

Thanks Fred for your thoughts. I do have fillable 1802 and do most of the work in the field as with the HI’s. I have Windows mobile and love it. But I do bring my work home, research and punch them out. I don’t like HIP’s report software or 1802 at all, and that’s OK, we all are different. Hats off to Dom for his involvement in this business.
As a fact I am 125.oo for WM and 50.oo more with a 4P. The exception is the Insurance Co. I work with, they are aggressive and always have referrals, I will discount just for the loyalty and volume of business, that only make sense. And I do agree with technology trumping help. I’m just looking for options to keep things running before things get out of hand. The problem with being too busy and out of hand is a person usually does not know it until they get to that point.
Thanks again Fred…

If you are too busy, raise your prices.
Next, for your wind mits and home inspections for that matter, do your research before you get to the property. You should have all of the information, permit dates and such, before arriving.

Fill out most of the wind mit form at the office, then, all you should have to do is insert the pictures. You should be able to finish the wind mits at the property.
You can also e mail them from the property as well. It should take no more than 45 minutes to do a wind mit including preparing the report.

Good for you and your success! Why not hire someone? I know from experience that it is a tough decision. Hire well and grow your company.

We now advertise on Monster but it does cost about $360. The quality of respondents is much higher.

You might get away with a 1099 fr a while. But if you can keep someone consistently busy, bring them on as a regular employee.

Good luck!

Greg I am confused, you said you have Windows mobile and do most of your work in the field, but then say you bring your work home with you? If you are doing most of your work in the field, then when back at the office/home, you should be what, 90% done? I do my mits and 4 points on a droid tablet and outside of possibly some permit research or impact lookup on the FBC site and merging things like permits/property cards together into 1 pdf, I’m basically done once I leave the site. Guess I’m not sure if you’re saying you want to cut down on the field work or if you’re swamped on the back end, but if it’s the latter, then my offering to this post is that you may not be using the technology that is out there to its fullest capabilities like you think youare and if you would like to discuss further, my phone is always on.

If you have all the info you need for each report and no research is needed I would be interested in putting together you insurance inspections for a fee per report. Fee would be based on what you have and what you want. NO RESEARCH on my part.

I can make them purdy :slight_smile:

I only make this offer as I am stuck on the couch with my feet up till healed.
It would have to be mutually beneficial for both of us. Feel free to call me to chat.
954 922 0584.

Remember if you have all the data i can do the rest including signatures and initials. I’ll explain that on the phone. Also I can kind of be quality control and look fo things that may not cut it.


Your too low on your combo price.
Look at it this way. Call an Electrician or a Plumber or an Appliance Tech to our house, first ask this…what is your pull up fee? That means if there is nothing wrong with the (whatever) then what is your fee ? Guess what ---- they will run from $80 to $120 for the pull up fee, why…because that’s what it cost to pull up to a home, and these guys have been doing this for a while and every service oriented business plan your will read will tell you this. IRS mileage rate is at or around sixty cents per mile and AAA is sixty five cents a mile on a truck.

So your doing a wind mit/4 pt for $ 175 is too low for all the work and communication you have to do with client, agent and permit records…and now you want loose some of that for help ? Sell your expertise and sell the value you’ll make just as much with less head ache. I know all this coming from you competition:shock: :slight_smile:

PS-----Mike could help you out hell he’s on the couch --poor fella. Mike hope your feeling better ! If that’s not how you want to go and want to feed stuff to my assistant let me know we’ll work something out, call me if interested.

Thanks Fred.

I started a thread offering the service to anyone who wants it.

I know what the insurance companies accept and do not and have done thousands.

I have also decided I would do quality control reviews on insurance inspections for anyone who wants them. Call me to discuss 954-922-0584

Link to other thread

How’s that onsite reporting going Fred? I’ve got 5 full inspections and 1/2 dozen wind mits on the tablet under my belt so far. It’s definitely becoming easier. Not where I want to be yet, but getting there! Heck, it’s 8:00 pm and I’m done reporting today ( had a full with wind MIT and 4 point and a separate wind MIT ). All done reports sent! Eric had some good advice as well, I had lots of information pre-filled just from the research done prior to arriving.


That’s what I like to hear!! Remember what Jeff said, it takes about a month.

check your mail

I don’t think comparing what we do is a fair comparison to a traditional service Company. We have no parts, hopefully no second trips and our pull in price is the price. I spend 20-30 minutes on a property then 20 mins in the office per. As far as the pull in, I plan my weeks Monday in Naples area, Tue Port Charlotte area, Wed Cape and Thur Fort and Lehigh, Friday is open for whatever needs attention including ASAP throw ins and make/confirm appointments for the next week.
I try to be as efficient as possible in each area using Microsoft Streets and Trips and sync with my GPS. I try to keep my goal to gross min 2k per week. I know the business model to keep the prices up and I agree. My issue is getting my prices up we all know will reduce the # of sales, and I understand that but I’m not sure I can afford to lose anything with most of my business coming from 3 or 4 Insurance contacts and about a dozen RE Agents. But all due respect I see your point. But as far as my original question, assistance in some fasion is knocking on the door.
Mike, a big thanks for the offer, I will be contacting you to kick around a few things…

Sounds good. I’m normally by the phone by 10:00am lately due to the injury but i’m sure we can work something out.

I know. I’m tweaking daily after my inspections until I get to where I’m comfortable with it.



I think the best advice I could give you would to be hire someone to run your office. They would book all appointments, send out all reports, check permitting and QA your reports. This would leave you more time in the field uninterrupted, give you time away from your phone and allow for quicker answers to questions for clients and agents. Do it, even if it is only part time to start. It will allow you to grow and give your clients better service. After a couple of months you should pick-up more referrals because of the service.

That sounds excellent to me. I can get the volume but the clerical is what’s lagging. I know times are tough, but what is the going rate for office help ???