Attention: South Florida Home Inspectors

Hello, I am a Florida Licensed General Contractor. I do Wind Mitigation Inspections in South Florida. I am willing to do them for your company starting at $70. I can do them for your clients and you can charge your customers what you see fit. I will invoice you directly and not collect payment from your customers unless you wish me to. I will always show up on time and treat your customers and their property with respect. The report will be typed and photos backing up my findings will be attached. The report will usually be emailed to you that night or the next night at the latest. If necessary because of time restrictions the form can be completed by hand on site. This is an excellent opportunity to add another service for your customers that you may not be allowed by the State to do yourself. Contact me anytime to discuss. I have plenty of references if needed. Join the growing number of home inspectors who use me to do their Wind Mitigation Inspections.

$70? I know “Florida State Licensed Contractors” that will do them for a cheeseburger and a coke.

Use them that is a great deal. I am just offering a way for those who are not allowed to do them an oppertunity to offer the service to their clients.

Thanks Michael…your offer is a good one that I am sure many will take advantage of.

i think so it would be a win/win situation. The home inspectors i currently work with love it.

I am interested. Please email me direct:

I am also a General Contractor we are doing the same service, but on the Westcoast. If interested PM me.

South West Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections

Kevin, Why do you charge so muchfor your wind mits??? Michael does them for half the price of your starting price.

You guys charge alot for a google earth drive by… LOL

Business seems to be picking up and I still would like to have a lot more areas in the state covered. If any of you are interested in doing wind mits for me in your area just send me a message and I will contact you with the details.

If anyone needs wind mits done in the Tampa Bay area (Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough) for 75$ I would be happy to do them. Check out our website for more information or you can e-mail me at

Hello to all. I still have plenty of room in my schedule to do more inspections. If you are a Home Inspector in South Florida and currently do not offer Wind Mitigaions Inspections to your customers you and them are missing out. It can be a good situation for everyone involved. Feel free to contact me anytime and we can work out the details. Join the growing number of home inspectors who use me to do their Wind Mitigation Inspections. Every report is typed up and includes photos and can be e-mailed anywhere you like. You will normally get the report the same day as the inspection. :mrgreen:

Florida insurance inspections will also provide this service as well as appraisals, cost replacement valuations, 40 year re-certifications, and development turnover reports. We will match our competition’s rates and guarantee 1st class service. We work with many home inspectors in south florida and have good relationships with agents, brokers, prop. Mgmt, ect . My office staff will handle all scheduling, processing, and any customer service related issues. Give us a try sometime. 305-759-4587, 954-566-2822, 561-471-8911… Hablamos espanol- also msfh certified inspector and contractor and current with latest citizens re-inspection training/protocols.

Because I can get that type of $$. Michael has a great service and is great guy.

Thanks Kevin. I appreciate the kind words. Kevin is one of the Home Inspectors I work with.