Wellllll… bad angle to judge length from, but my WAG would be s-trap… butt… as deep as the trap appears to be, I wouldnt make a big deal out of it. No way that s if gonna siphon the trap out. Comment and move on.

It’s an S-trap and it wouldn’t have been too hard to get the P-trap configured with the right parts.

Thanks Jeff and Larry. It would be an easy repair. I’ll include it in summary.

Worst issue here is your butchering of the English language.:roll:
But I agree:D

Just another example of how canned comments do not fit all issues.:wink:

The tub overflow would serve as the vent, and the trap would keep in water. SO I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.

Nice theory if that was not a shower pan.:slight_smile:

It’s a tub, that drained slow.

Doesn’t anyone question the copper T-fitting?

Your question was regards the S trap Chris.
Did you just notice it ?:slight_smile:
The drain pipe (PVC) looks to be a small diameter also though it may be 1/12.
The slow drain is most likely due to the neoprene clamp repair since the drain is required also to have smooth walls.
The edges of the copper no doubt are catching hair .

OK but the photo appears to have a secondary pipe running behind the pan. Thats what I focused on. Perhaps a different pic would show a different perspective.