Sabotage list discussion

I am starting this SABOTAGE LIST DISCUSSION post so anyone can discuss this stuff here, and keep the Sabotage list clean for easy reading. We can discuss topics like what our liability’s are with regard o this stuff, when should we call the cops. If I find bullets or something else rigged up dangerously I know I will, and get the hell out of there.

Some might be sympathetic to the plight of someone loosing their home to a foreclosure. I am. But that stops with the advent of criminal activity. Especially when that activity could leave me maimed or dead.

If the house has been rigged, and we miss it, what about our liability?

Please keep adding stuff to the list. The life you save might be your competitor’s.

What is InterNACHI’s take or SOP on this?


The SOP has absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

Your personal safety trumps any requirement of this association, or any association. It matters not what the COE states or the SOP requires.

If the inspector perceives that anything places his/her personal safety at risk, they simply note it and extricate themselves from the situation.

Period. End of Report (literally)

The cost of an inspection is NOT worth your life. Your sole obligation is to your family and yourself.

NEVER forget that.

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35 years ago I was taught my customer was my 1st priority.

Today thats changed a bit. My safety and financial well being is #1.

With all the numb-nut lawsuits and crazy buyers, sellers, and agents out there willing to sue anybody for anything OR with unrealistic expectations … I now go into a home inspection and inspecting the home to protect my safety, me, my family and my pocketbook as my 1st priority. AND you know what, if I do that well / I have protected everyone in the transaction to the nth degree.

I’m with you! As far as dangerous conditions are concerned like booby traps. Like I said, I’m getting out of there, advising everyone else to get out of there and I’m going to call the police.

I got a pretty good response when I first posted the Sabotage List, but nothing lately. I just want to know what people have come across already so I know what to look out for and share them with y’all.

There are many things, like my post about the loosening of supply lines that aren’t really dangerous, but meant to cause property damage. If we don’t catch them, then it could be a liability. What is the SOP on that? That is what I wanted to solicit responses to in this post (Discussion Post, not the list). When it comes to man traps, I think mother nature kicks in and we are all going to react the same way.

I had one recently where the toilet had been removed. I nearly got a kidney infection “holding It” for an extra 1 1/2 hours.

You don’t install a catheter before leaving for the day? :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

Did you change yours out today ?

Absolutely! Twice a day. When ya gotta go… you gotta go!!! :twisted:

Damn it man ! Haha !