Sacramento Valley Chapter in Roseville, California on November 15, 2006.

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W E L C O M E !!


The Sacramento Valley Chapter of NACHI is fairly new to the Sacramento, California Area. Our Chapter meets every month on the third Wednesday at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend our informational meetings, NACHI members, new inspectors or guests. Every meeting will include a specialized and educational presentaion speaker from a local licensed building professional, such as roofing, hvac, foundation, windows, siding and electrical ect. ect.
In 2007 will be having more real-estate and marketing presentations and speakers as well as regular mock inspections and mold certification classes for old and new inspectors. The Sacramento Valley Chapter of NACHI (formaly named the Capital Valley Chapter) has been through many changes in the past year and with the participation and dedication of all our new and old members we will continue to grow, learn and prosper.

*Ongoing NACHI Inspector Education!!
*Certified NACHI Training Courses!!
*NACHI benifits for our Members!!
*Providing links and resourses for our inspectors.
*Building chapter membership for future growth and benifits.
*Providing marketing and buisness stratigies for your
inspection buisness.



Chapter Meeting Location: Denny’s Banquet Room
on Sunrise Ave. at Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, California

Chapter Meets: The third Wednesday of every month.
Next meeting November 15, 2006

Time: 6:30 pm TO 8:30pm

Contact Me, Chapter Secretary, Yolanda Ann Meyers,
for questions on membership, member dues,coming events or any other chapter information.

OCTOBER 18, 2006 Meeting Minutes:
Ann Meyers welcomed members and guests.
Our guest speaker was Baron Surrat from Cal-Pac roofing.
Baron did an excellant presentation on roof structures, roofing materials and common problems to look for when inspecting a roof system and components.

Our new chapter Vice President James Budrow was elected by members unanimas vote at this meeting to fill the previously vacant position. You can reach James at:

Our New Educational Coordinater is Paul Pendley, if you have a speaker or presentation idea or know of upcoming educational oportunities for our inspectors, please contact Paul at:

It was decided to create a new chapter website due to password and editing problems.
This web-site was created on October 28,2006 by Ann Meyers for our members to easily access chapter info. The complete member listings and coming events will be posted soon in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience.
We will be posting member suggestions comments and ideas also in the coming months.

This website is edited, written and published by Ann Meyers
NACHI Certified Inspector, Sacramento Valley Chapter Board Member.

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