Safeguard properties Mortgage inspections?

Safe guard properties contacted me about doing short 5 min inspections for the mortgage company that owns the house.Damage to house, junk in yard, utilities on,ocupied, unsecured and have you contacted the person. Each inspection is $7.00 but we haven’t spoke of my fee yet.

If this is needed has anyone marketed to banks around there area for this. I say cut out the middle man so to speak.

Has anyone done any work or heard of this company before.
The only reason I even considerd it is because I am slow right now.

Most of my business, other than my website, is with lenders. Lenders are easier to get along with than Realtors or consumers. Too much emotion involved. Lenders, just like commercial inspection clients, just want to know the facts and if you can find a solution to a problem that is even better. A lender just wants to know how to get this done where everybody will be happy. I love dealing with lenders.

Please do not lower yourself to do any type of “Inspection” for such a low fee!

By accepting these scraps You are setting a “Standard” for which these company’s will use to screw you and ALL other inspectors in your area now and in the future.

Eric, $7.00 is not enough, you can get more, a fair amount more. I routinely “lower” myself to do these inspections and have made good money doing it…to the tune of several G’s this year alone. My experience with safeguard is a positive one. I routinely get 30-40 occupancy inspections a month, lumped together and all in ONE zipcode which allows me to create a route and actually make some decent money at it…not everyone will have the same experience. Don’t be afraid to pursue it and don’t be afraid to ask for more money, you need to turn a decent profit to make it worth it. Find out how many you can expect each month for an area and work the numbers, it could be beneficial.

Last week I did 50 occupancy inspections in one day for various companies(all in the same zip code), cheapest one was $10, most lucrative was $35, overall it was over $650 for the day…decent money for a days work wouldn’t you say Frank???


Oh yeah, one more thing. I can actually make more for a winterization from some of these companies than from standard clients…not bad for “lowering” myself so far.

Anyway, results will vary. Good luck and I hope you have a positive experience.

All in “one zip code”?

Good for you!

In our area their inspections are scattered 30-75 miles apart!
I received a “request” to drive 310 miles for a $75.00 inspection fee.

At first I thought that it was a joke and I laughed! The lady on the phone asked why I was laughing and I told her to do a “Map Quest search” and then she said “Oh… well would you do it for $80.00?”

How could you turn them down Frank. The extra $5 would have bought your lunch. You just don’t get it do you???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: