Five Brothers Mortgage

Has anyone here done any inspections for Five brothers mortgage company, they have a for I need to fill out, and want pictures for $25
Thanks, Lucas


You can learn much by “Googling” companies for complaints…

I do several of them

Some inspectors here will boast that they do not start their truck for less than $195.

I agree to their $25 fee for local area (20 miles). and an additional fee for further travel. They usually give you up to a week to complete so you can group some of them if they have alot to do. I do not accept anything under $25.

I currently work with 5 companies like this. Last year I made $14,000 off of these inspections.


Years ago I dealt with 5 Brothers Mortgage Company. I dealt primarily with: Ellen Horvat and LaKena Hutch. I listened to the other inspectors on the InterNACHI message board suggesting to run. I turned more inspections down because gas was around $4.00 a gallon. Five brothers offered me something like $12.00 - $15.00 an inspection.

I never accepted that amount and didn’t reply. E-mails came in left and right saying Urgent. I wrote back saying: Double that and in Radford, Snowville or Dublin … Take it or Leave it.
Here is how they responded (Actual E-mail):
Hi there,

My name is Jaylee Johnson and I work for Five Brothers in Warren, MI. We are a Nation-wide mortgage servicing company and we are looking for someone to help us out with an Occupancy check inspection.

We are simply trying to get someone to verify occupancy, get a front facing photo and a brief exterior description of a property located in Dublin, VA 24084 and Hiwassee, VA 24347. Our normal fees for an occupancy check inspection are $10-$20 a piece, please advise if you would be interested in helping us out or not.

Thank You,

Jaylee Johnson
Vendor Maintenance Department
Five Brothers
Default Management Solutions
14156 E. 11 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48089
Direct # 586-354-2569

My response: $35.00- $50.00 Take it or leave it. From that day forward 5 brothers paid me $35.00 in the form of a check, for each and every inspection in my stated service area. Five brothers gets a minimum no lower than $90.00 for each time an inspector goes out there. They only want to pay you around $15.00.

Consider your time and costs, it’s really not worth it, unless you do like I did and schedule a 5 brothers inspection to be relatively close to 1 of your scheduled HOME INSPECTIONS, then it’s a couple of minutes of fun for $35.00.

It was more of a headache than anything. Okay, I time stamped my photos, followed directions carefully and submitted. I get an e-mail the next day saying that they will not pay unless I go back and take more photos with a different date and that I was not going to get paid anymore.

Lucas, I’m here telling you the truth brother. Check out two of the screen captures that I’ve Copied from previous e-mails.

If you are good at what you do, you put pride in yourself and your work, and above all … treat people right, then you can pretty much manifest your own destiny.

I never entered the Home Inspection business 18 years ago to get rich. I wanted to make a good living, doing something that I liked. Enough from me right now, I’m extremely busy. I just thought that I’d chime in.

Take care and stay safe,

If you play your cards right, then that’s very possible. I wouldn’t think so from 5 Brothers but maybe from doing Foundation Certifications.

I reference to your email screen captures. I really hope that you do not treat all of your clients that way.

Mr. Inspector I need a home inspection within the next 5 days

Inspector: Well Its going to cost you…How much are your willing to pay?
I can do a rush inspection tomorrow for $1500.

Dear Inspector,

Of the $1500 the referral contractor (5 Brothers) will receive $1200 and the rest will go to the inspector.
How’s that sound?

Lol. I can’t stop laughing. No I haven’t asked but just a small percentage of the time for a little extra, if I have to rush.

When you rush, you make mistakes and mistakes cost you.

Thanks for the input guys,
I going to ask for fifty see what they say and maybe try one out.