Safety Glass required ?

Does this Casement require a safety bar or glass?

Safety glass and/or a bar at 36 inches that can withstand 50 psi.


no 2 the glass. Grnd floor?

Yeah the floor has pretty lights outside:)

Why do you say no?

If the bottom pane of glass is 9 sq. ft. or less, then no.

That is what I get also as this illustration shows.
Judging from what you see (what say you)?

Bob…your photo shows an improper installation. The 2006 IRC states:

Ahhh because it is not required. The lights in your eyes???:smiley:

2nd floor needs protection as MB pointed out. :smiley:

Also if it is one you inspected probably needs gfci too, someone might run an exteinson cord out the window to a blender ;):cool:

How perceptive.
1988 highrise with no GFCI in Kitchen.

My second place in two weeks with a heat pump.

Addresses the fall hazard instead of the cut hazard?

I think we need to read this right;
R308.4 Hazardous Locations.

The following shall be considered specific hazardous locations for the purposes of glazing: (not the semi-colon)


  1. Glazing in an individual fixed or operable panel, other than those listed above, that meets these conditions:

a. pane greater than 9 sq. ft.

b. bottom edge less than 18"

c. top edge greater than 36 "

d. one or mor walkings surfaces within 36" horizontally of the glazing.

Unless I am wrong, it needs to be safety glazed because it meets item b. and meets item d. of article 7.


Must meet all 4 criteria.

It seems a protective bar must be placed at 36 in.

I never measured sq ft so here is another measurement that shows the lower handle at about 23 in up off the floor as a clue.


*R308.4: The Following shall be Considered Specific Hazardous
Locations for the Purposes of Glazing:

  1. Glazing in swinging doors except jalousies.2. Glazing in fixed and sliding panels of sliding door assemblies, and panels
    in sliding and bifold closet door assemblies.3. Glazing in storm doors.4. Glazing in all unframed swinging doors.5. Glazing in doors and enclosures for hot tubs, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, bathtubs, and showers. Glazing in any part of a building wall enclosing these compartments where the bottom exposed edge of the glazing is less than 60 inches (1524 mm) measured vertically above any standing or walking surface.6. Glazing in an individual fixed or operable panel adjacent to a door where the nearest vertical edge is within a 24-inch (610 mm) arc of the door in a closed position and whose bottom edge is less than 60 inches (1524 mm) above the floor or walking surface.7. Glazing in an individual fixed or operable panel, other than those locations described in Items 5 and 6 above, that meets all of the following conditions: 7.1. Exposed area of an individual pane larger than 9 square feet (0.836 mm). 7.2. Bottom edge less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the floor. 7.3. Top edge more than 36 inches (914 mm) above the floor. 7.4. One or more walking surfaces within 36 inches (914 mm) horizontally of the glazing.

I think that is where it is confusing Bob,
does it?
I read it like either or on all of them.
Maybe not, don’t know, I’ll have to dig it up somewhere.:slight_smile:

Yeah, your right Larry, I failed to read the meet all conditions:

I owe you one. Got to keep my glasses on for krist sake:mrgreen::slight_smile:

The whole 200 plus units are most likely this way guys.
Does that appear to be over 9 sq feet?

Not unless you figure both panes Bob. You didn’t measure it?
The pane section would have to be 3’x3’ and it don’t look that big. :slight_smile:

No but it looks like a close call.
That’s why I am here with it.:neutral:

Can you call the guy holding the tape in the pictures, maybe he measured the glazing???:smiley:

And as we are not Technically Code Inspectors Bob, you are well within your scope to recommend any Safety Upgrades you deem applicable. I would not have a problem with safety glass upgrade. :smiley:

Very good as that is what I ended up doing , but it still has me a little …big word warning!..perplexed.