Safety Glass Requirements

Does anyone know requirements for safety glass in standard window installations. Somthing more in depth than a height standard. What are some specifics?

If he glass meets all of the following conditions, it must be safety/tempered;

9’ sq ft or more exposed glazing
18" or less from the ground
Top edge 3’ or more above ground
Within 36" of a walking surface

There are many other conditions where safety/tempered glass is required. Do you have a more specific question?

Sean go to this

HSS Property Inspection

What about these glass panels between rooms?

Seems like a potential safety concern if the glass is not tempered.
I need to look more closely when I go back tomorrow. Or would you highly intelligent people be able to tell from the picture.

154810 026 (Small).jpg

No you guy’s answered my questions. I was just splitting hairs with a builder the other day about the windows. I have my answer. Thanks

I say no Dave. They appear to be more than 18" off of the floor.