Safety Requirements For Hot Tub

Do hot tubs sunken into a deck have any pool like safety requirements?

If it’s over 24" deep then it is considered a pool subject to all of the regular pool requirements. Here are the docs I use for pools & spas.

Great info. In the drain section I might mention Anti Vortex.

I believe those laws are for public pools and spas. We would have to know the type of spa or hot tub he is talking about. A fiberglass spa or wood hot tub does not have the same type of drain system that a gunite or tile in-ground spa would have. They normally drain through the jets and out a single garden style hose and would certainly not fit into the same category as an in-ground spa or pool.

This will be an interesting discussion.

Anti vortex drains in hot tubs or two drains is a definitive safety feature.

Anti-vortex or two drains for a fiberglass hot tub? Here is my drain… the same type on my mom’s hot tub, the same type on my son’s hot tub, the same type on all the new hot tubs that were at Costco today. All were different brands. 5/8 hose that drains through the jets.

The “swim spas” that are 10,000 gallons plus may be a different matter but the 300 gallon, 5 or 6 person tub set on or in a deck is a different animal.

hot tub drain line.jpg

This one has three suctions