Sunken bathtub at floor level

Hello, I inspected a house yesterday where the owners did a remodel and they installed a sunken tub in the master bath. Interestingly, the top of the tub is level with the bathroom floor, pets/kids could easily fall in and it was a fairly deep tub. I tried to find some info on code, etc. but no luck yet. Any thoughts on how this is typically reported? Thoughts on what is code?
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You can always put it in your report as a hazard which it definitely is. I don’t think you’re going to find a code that says this is an illegal installation.

How is it different than a pool or hot tub that are in the floor or below grade? Or steps going downstairs? Not sure it is unsafe by it’s nature, it and all those items might only be unsafe if little kids are around, or a person who can’t see well, and then the parents/guardians would need to take action to protect their kids from that “hazard”.

I stopped by a pool place and they asked:

  1. Was there water in it? Being constantly full is one difference between a spa and a bathtub.
  2. Did it have a cover?
  3. Was it protected by a Lockable door.

As has been mentioned already, easy to write it up as a fall hazard. Pretty hard for anyone to argue with that.

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i’ve often dead pan
asked client(s) to get in & out of said tub
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watch their reaction


Pics please

35-40 yrs ago I used to see these in restrooms and sunken conversation pits in the living area.

Haven’t seen them in years. Report a potential fall concern, then keep walking


Morning, Mark. Hope this post finds you well.

Any images please so anyone that joins the thead can define if this is a tub or spa?

Safety violation.
The standard height of the bottom of the bathtub from the floor should be at least 15 cm.
Suspect: Missing guard rail. In Quebec, guardrails are mandatory when the surface of a deck is over 60 cm (2 ft.) above the finished floor.

I would define it as a soaking or roman tub. I found a reference in the upc on the construction of a roman tub.
My states code for stairs starts out with this wording.
SPS 321.04 Stairways and elevated areas.

(1) Scope.

(a) General. Except as provided under par. (b) the following stairways shall conform to the requirements of this section.

  1. Every interior and exterior stairway attached to, or supported by any part of the structure covered under this code.

  2. Tub access stairs, unless they are an integral part of an approved plumbing product.

So this may be construed as either an approved plumbing product. If it actually were don’t know or an elevated area

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