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Does purchasing a copy of HomeGauge entitle me to software updates going forward for a limited amount of time? Or are all updates to the software included so long as the company is still in business?

Reason I ask, is there are lots of software companies out there that make you pay either a yearly update fee or feature-lock their software in order to charge for updates to functionality and so-on.


From what I understand, software updates are included if you subscribe to Homegauge services for report delivery. All in all it’s worth every penny.

I believe that’s correct (and I highly recommend HG Services). If you don’t have HG Services I believe the 5.1, .2, .3, etc., updates are included. There is a fee when a whole number (i.g., 6.0) update is released.

What Robert said. Typical updates are free without paying for HG Services (though it is worth it).

That is free when updating from 5.1 to 5.2. When HG went from 4. to 5. I had to pay extra, but as a current HG user, that did not have HG Services at that time, there was a huge discount, more than 50%.

Thanks everyone, just to verify, the HG Services is $59/month on top of the $1,044 for the software/companion? All in all roughly $1,752 total cost for 1 year and $708 a year thereafter?

HG services is only $300 per year not $708. Now if you want website hosting and all of the other “extras” that will cost more.

Right now you can get the whole package for $999, including HG desktop, Companion, and 12 months of HG Services.

After that you Only pay for HG Services, which is around $300 per year. You could have purchased a year of HG Services for $225 on Cyber Monday.

HomeGauge Subscription](

**"**With this option the software is yours forever with no per report fees, plus you get 12 months of HomeGauge Services (a $300 value)."

Look around HG will let you sell your license. I purchased mine through this message board found it listed in the classified. Just make sure to call HG and the current licensee as they have to remove it from their computer first. I think I saw one on of the other forms.

You can also wait on the companion I did not get it at first picked up a copy on Cyber Monday for $99 along with a renewal of HG services for another year at $225.

I do recommend getting HG services as it works well for delivering and tracking reports. I’ve not set up the scheduler yet but plan to do so next year. If you don’t go with HG services check out ISN. ISN is more feature rich but I didn’t like the per report fee.

Thanks everyone for the help .

$59 a month HG Subscription. This get you HG Desktop, HG Companion and HG Services which includes upgrades too.


$895 gets you version 5 and HG Companion and 3 free months HG Services. After that you pay $30 a month or $300 a year. Gets you upgrades and HG Services

We charge per inspector not per computer. We do give discounts to multi-inspector firms. After you purchase HG software and if you decide not to use HG Services then you will get free upgrades of that version number so version 5 you will get 5.1 5.2 but when 6 comes out if you want it (optional) you would pay $300 for a year of HG services which gives you upgrades to the software too.

call us if you need more info 828-254-2030