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Just got a renewal for cloud services. From $39/mo to $$59/mo. A 50% increase!! I for one, find this unacceptable along with their customer “mining”. What other software are people using that they are happy with? Thanks

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I’ve been using 3D for 19 years now, and unless they pull some stunt like some others have, I’ll keep it and use it till I retire.

I pay $149.00 a year, which includes any upgrades, technical support if needed (I haven’t in 8+ years) and cloud services.


I use the same Kevin, and i won’t change either, I was looking at some of the newer software recently but decided to stay with 3D. Been using 9+ years for me.

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3D Inspection Software

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Scribeware for me, similar feeling to HG. The guys are all over helping HG inspectors transition.

You’ll get a lot of answers but Home Inspector Tech.

Not as talked about as some (marketing is not huge)

Awesome software regular updates includes a lot stuff others charge extra for. I looked at Spectora and some of the others and did so again about a year later and it was still an easy answer.

All the more intense ones have more set up in them to automate processes and this one is no different but in my experience it has been extremely worth the time to build it out.

If you’re looking for really easy up time and solid ease of use but less backend Inspector Nexus is pretty nice as well.

Both are solid


Try to Migrate My HomeGauge Software To My Mac…I am using Transporter on a network connection. How long will this typically take?

Can’t say for sure of course, but it’s the size of the “Report” folder that can slow you down–it’s huge.