Salut Québécoise

Je m’appelle Erin, et je suis le nouvel aide de Nick Gromicko à Boulder.
Lundi était mon premier jour dans le bureau, et ces personnes sont folles! Ha. Non, je plaisante…un peu.


We do not condone that kind of language on this board!!!

I wasn’t talking to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am worried that my inspection clients will stop using me because I belong to an association that has a message board that permits some of the posts to be made in French.

Clearly, homebuyers make decisions on who to use based NOT on the merit and qualifications of the inspector, but rather the language chosen to make some posts on some threads on some forums of the message board of the association the inspector belongs to.

I think NACHI leadership should immediately move all French language posts to members-only where my clients can’t see them.


Bienvenue Erin!

Tu vas avoir beaucoup de plaisir avec cette gang

Oh, well…never mind…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Marcel a raison,bienvenue and to reply to NIck post dont forget we have a french version of the Nachi agreement in the nachi mall

Cautious Everyone: French people usually speak their mind, Quebecker’s are much worse! :twisted:

Nous verrons…:wink:

…mais bienvenue.

See he does pay attention!!!