We've hired English to French translators for InterNACHI, CMI, and the NCP.

Releasement du demain!!

Babel Fish just won’t cut it…:shock:

You need a professional translator preferably from Québec and that is very costly.

As for the iNACHI agreement, I posted one a while back here.

Just took a look at it Marcel sorry I hadn’t seen it earlyer,

Looking Good, Mon ami

Marc-Andre from Brossard

We are pleased to announce that we have a new English-to-French translator on board at InterNACHI (who is replacing the one we used earlier this week), so the Inspector Agreement and Code of Ethics that were posted on the Forum for your review will be re-translated to a professional standard.

Our new French document translator is Rosemary Russell Larin, whose husband is Gilles Larin, a five-year member of InterNACHI Quebec.

We’re excited to have Rosemary on board, and we appreciate the technical assistance that Gilles will, no doubt, be contributing to his wife’s work.

While we will be translating as many documents as is practical, Canadian members are free to use either the French or English versions – or both – of what we hope will be an extensive selection of documents, articles and marketing materials. We will announce on our website each translation as it becomes available. If you have suggestions for items that you would like to see translated sooner rather than later, please let me know by emailing me at kate@internachi.org.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with reviewing our documents and offering advice and suggestions this past week! :slight_smile:

Great glad to hear it is moving forward . All the best … Roy

Great news again!

Kate & Nick,

Bienvenue Rosemary!



BTW for what it’s worth, do not publish the Inspection agreement as shown in another thread! It requires much more refinement. Just a thought.



The convention de service may not be perfect but it was posted here to help out other fellow inspectors until the improved version is out.
I am glad that the NACHI web sites are being translated and this will be great for NACHI throughout Canada.
A Mari Usque Ad Mare.
I did mention previously, that the convention de service agreement is the one that I personally work with!

In Quebec, and around Brossard in particular, we cater to a customer base of close to 96% francophone clients.
It is a Win Win situation for NACHI to be accessible to the Francophone community!