Same roof as above

Just curious as to how you all would wrilte something like this up. Notice all the nails that have missed the truss system. There are many more thoughout the roof system. The roof has not gone anywere in 25 years, but new codes call for all roofs (in Florida) to be nailed six inches on center. The city inspectors never look in the attic (let alone walk the roof).


Looks like when he missed with the first nail, he forgot that the rafter runs up and down rather than sideways, as he hunted for it. I would advise client to have securement checked at the next reroof.

Jim King


He missed all over the roof. We see this down here all the time. They use air guns to drive the nails and have no idea if they hit the rafter or not. There are only two ways to determine if the roof is nailed propelry. 1) there is a tool that will show us if the roofer indeed did re-nail properly, or 2) rip the roof off and start over. If he did not re-nail properly, I usually suggest they get a letter of certification from a structural engineer.


Just curious, did you check for a renail by using a Zircon? Just last week I had a similair situation on a 2006 construction. Visually, the roofer made a mistake. Verified with the zircon, 6/6 pattern was done.


I havent bought one yet. I did advise my client that that was another way to verify the situation.

Doesn’t anybody know how to measure a pop a line anymore?

On every new construction job I do, the guy nailing the decking down has to visually look at the dcking from below, any missed, back out and redo. Re-roofs lines are chaulked “Period!” or get off my job. Difference between a good contractor & a bad 1.