Sample letter to clients regarding a bad check.

Note: Many jurisdictions have bad check laws that contain specific requirements. That’s why I included the information regarding the check number, the bank, the date of the check, and the name on the account. If many jurisdictions you can get triple damages if you comply with these requirements. This is a generic letter. Check your jurisdiction’s bad check laws. In some jurisdictions you may have to inform the debtor that they may be subject to triple damages if they fail to make the check good. In some states you may have to provide them with more than five days’ notice to collect triple damages.

Thank you Nick!

Passing bad checks is unlawful and, often, your prosecuting attorney can help speed things up when bad check writer is local.

I have had a lot of experience with this. In Florida, there are very tough laws on passing bad checks. The scare letter has worked every single time.

Thanks. Keep them coming Nick.

I have had one hot check in 10 years. Written on an out of state bank account which had been closed. It was intentional fraud. I was only one of many that the couple burned. The woman went to jail in Texas, the male skipped back to Kentucky, where he is out of reach or my county Sheriff’s office.

I’d like to find a national collection agency to just make his life miserable, though I wouldn’t ever expect to get paid. Anyone know of one who can do that without getting me sued in the process? It was an $1,100 inspection, so I expect it would be worthwhile for a collection agent.

Had on this fall .

Search “collection agency” above. There were some that inspectors seemed happy with a while back. I think they kept 30-35%.