San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Home Inspector

The newest version of my website is now live:

San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Home Inspector

Includes an updated sample report, videos, testimonials, and more!

Home Inspections in The San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Conejo Valley, and all surrounding areas of Los Angeles!

Great website and sample report!

You just need to add some credibility to your resume.

How many years have you been in business, how many inspections have you performed, are you licensed in any trade in California, if so are you in good standing in the state, are you licensed-bonded-insured, and lastly, do you carry at least a $1M dollar policy?

I was asked these things when I started out

I’ve been in Real Estate since 2004, and owned my own company since 2014.

Anyhow, I keep getting calls from agents that they had a home inspection, but their inspector refused to comment on the solar panels and asked if I can help them out.

Yes, I can help, but really, it would have made more sense to call me first, as I explain in this blog article:

But their inspector refused to commend on their solar panels? and help them out?
Not sure how to commend on a solar panel.

Or just read the article. :wink:

As a parent and a home inspector, I often get asked:

What is an anti-tip bracket and why is it important?